Let's DiscGO!

Cosmo and Erick - DiscGO! Co-Founders

Hey all you groovy cats and kittens, we're Cosmo and Erick – the far-out masterminds behind this disc revolution. Dig the DiscGO scene, baby! Get ready to groove with us where the vibes of fun meet the innovation of the funky disc sports scene. 

Our love for discs goes way back to our ultimate Frisbee days with youth group – that's when we caught the buzz of tossing discs and getting down with some friendly competition. But, man, the real magic went down when we were tinkering with a silicone sweatband. Dig this: a soft, flexy, bouncy mini-disc sparked the birth of DiscGO! – a game for anyone, anywhere, anytime! 🚀✨

About the Founders: Cosmo & Erick

Our story kicks off in Erick’s 6th-grade math class in Central Texas, taught by Cosmo's mom, who ran it like a business. Erick snagged the role of CEO and rode that title for life! Bonding over our only-child status, we clocked hours creating games, tweaking rules for maximum fun, and (before it was hip on TikTok) conquering wild challenges like tossing a ball into a shoe at an impossible angle. We believe in bringing folks together through good vibes, smoked meats, and of course, epic games. 🔥✨

We’re also united by the love of Jesus

Yeah, man, we're tight with JC, serving in that ministry groove with our wives. Erick and Ciara throw the most happening gatherings and game nights that stretch into the wee hours. All about giving back, we're in the mix with youth ministry, supporting global orphanages, and hooking up single mommas with computers. Cosmo and Suzi wear myriad ministry hats coaching couples, teaching the Bible, and grooving on the love of Jesus through the universal language of play. 

So, what's the holdup? Join us! Catch DiscGO fever and spread those good vibes together! 🕺🔥


OUR MISSION:  DiscGO! brings people of all ages and abilities together for community, conversation, and competitive fun!

OUR VISION:  Positively Impact the World through Life Changing Play!